5 ways to get into tech without experience

Thinking of a career in tech? Looking for a job but have no experience? Here are alternative methods of gaining experience in tech.

Still worried about experience requirements? Don’t worry about it, we have the answers here

Here are some ways you can “pay your dues”, and I’m not talking about unpaid internships or non-paying projects.

1. Start freelancing

Beginner level projects like building a landing page will help you gain experience and earn you a few bucks. Content management systems like WordPress and Squarespace has made this easier for everyone.

Building a website is a self-fulfilling journey to the tech world. The more you build, the more customizations you are more likely to seek. This path will lead you to CSS, HTML, and then carry you as far as your passion goes.
Start by building your own website!

2. Do coursework

Here on TechStart.Africa, We have a number of coursework with projects and exercises you can post on your LinkedIn page for the attention of your suitors. This coursework is equivalent to what developers, designers, and digital marketers do in “real life”

Share milestones or final course projects on LinkedIn.

3. Contribute to open-source projects

Join the conversation, your input can go a long way in taking the project to the next stage and open an opportunity for you. Don’t be afraid to chip in. Open source projects are an important phenomenon in the tech community. WordPress and firefox were open-sourced projects.

Look out for open-source project here on TechStart.Africa, Join our community now!

4. Create spec work

Creating something “on spec” just means you design or code a project even though a client or company hasn’t agreed to accept or pay you for the work. Even if you don’t get a reward or new client out of the deal, spec work can be an opportunity for you to develop your skills and bolster your portfolio.

5. Recreate & mock work

Replicate the code or design for a site or app that already exists. Mock work is creating something you think would work well for an existing company or an imaginary one (even if you don’t actually plan on pitching it to them). That could involve building a page that looks just like the one for Apple’s newest product or doing your own take on how Slack should have designed their new logo.

Replicating work you admire or coming up with work for an imaginary customer can be an eye-catching and interesting way to show your skills.

Challenge – Create a social media marketing campaign for an app you’ll love to have that doesn’t exist yet. #TechStart.Africa

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